The Team


The Main man, aka Budz… He is the one who keeps us all in line, well he tries too, can often be found on the telehandler at Jambo or at the catering vans… there’s nothing this guy doesn’t know about engines… literally many peoples knight in shining armour!



Ivan… our totally lovable Vice Chair… Budz’s right hand man… quietly behind the scenes getting stuff done… and seriously this guy knows shed loads about splitty’s… loves nothing more than touring around Europe!





Need a new Hoody, T-shirt.. random club umbrella… Amanda’s the lady to find… slight shopping addiction but a great eye for design and branding… Jamboree’s merchandise this year will be epic!



In the words of Kevin and Perry… Kelly is our superstar DJ… will most definitely be found in the marquee for the entire Jamboree weekend… Kelly is responsible for booking all of our amazing bands and the children’s entertainment… a job not many would volunteer for… and he does a great job too!



Meet Kath, our membership secretary, she’s responsible in making sure you receive your correct membership forms and he’s awesome at reminding everyone that memberships are due for renewal… our newest team member and she;s doing an amazing job



Jenny is the organiser of all organisers, from club events, to Christmas parties to cruises… if there’s anything we need she is on it… and she always always finds us a bargain… we think of her as the trip advisor version of CVWOC!



Meet Gary, our Trade Man… responsible for all our trade stalls and shops so we can all spend lots of our pennies buying lots of things we probably don’t need… Gary is awesome at finding the right stall that we didn’t even know we needed and always works hard at making sure we have the best variety of stalls as possible… will be spotted in Hawaiian shirt with a glass of rum!



Pete loves nothing more than ogling vehicles… doesn’t matter what make, model or breed… he loves it… and collecting every kind of VW known to man!



Meet Sammy, our webmaster genius… responsible for website design, content, ticket sales, general web enquiries and Jambo decoration….  ask her about an engine and she doesn’t haven’t a clue… ask her to paint a flamingo on your van and she’ll get her spray paints out before you can finish asking your question!





Seriously… who would put there hand up for this job… well Kerry did, and she’s awesome at it, we wouldn’t have a Jamboree without her!


General Committee Members…

Where would we be without the support of our entire committee… they may not have a title but these guys work so blinking hard, we literally couldn’t do any of this without each other… plus we love nothing better than camping together, drinking round the fire pit, in our own slice of heaven…. that’s what makes FAMILY!